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PANOPTICON is the first mass surveillance software accessible to all. Thanks to the latest VR technologies, it ables anyone to watch over his neighborhood by providing access to private data.


What would be a future where each citizen would be able to spy and denunce his neighbors ? By giving the power of mass surveillance to the player in a VR experience, PANOPTICON intends to make the player understand the problematics surrounding new technologies.

STAFF (Cnam-Enjmin students)

  • Baptiste DENEUFBOURG - Producer
  • Damien POCHAT-COTTILLOUX - Sound Designer
  • Lauren QUINIOU - UX Designer
  • Kévin ROUSSEL - Game Designer
  • Juliette RUAUX - Art Director
  • Thales Alex TENORIO DE ALBUQUERQUE - Developer
  • Noellie VELEZ - Developer

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This game needs an Oculus Rift DK2/CV1 and a Leap Motion Controller.
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Panopticon 186 MB

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